Recognition of prior learning

Somtime it can be difficult to find the time and effort to fit an entire course into our lives. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is an assessment process to evaluate your skills, knowledge and experience gained through working and learning in Australia or overseas.

Flexible – plan your own schedule

Cost-Effective & Time-Saving

Government Funding Available*

Enhanced Career Opportunities

how it works

STEP 1 Provide information of your skills and experience

You need to provide as much information of your previous experience as you can. This is your first opportunity (and not the last) to provide proof of your variety of experience.

STEP 2 Conversation with assessor

An assessor will review the information you have provided (usually with you) and begin to match up your skills to the units/subjects in the qualification.

STEP 3 Practical demonstration of your skills (if required)

The assessor may conduct a practical skills test at your workplace (if appropriate) or at another suitable venue. This, again, is an opportunity to demonstrate your level of competence.

STEP 4 Review and analysis of evidence

Once your application has been received by your assigned assessor, they will review the evidence that you have supplied.

STEP 5 Decision

Once all submitted evidence has been reviewed and analysed, your assessor will reach their final judgement of competence based on the evidence supplied.

STEP 6 Qualification

Where you have been deemed Competent in all the unit/s of competency that you have applied for RPL for, Living Planit (RTO 40552) will issue you with a Certificate for the qualification. Should you disagree with the assessment judgement reached by your assessor, you may appeal this decision. 

tips and hints

Here are some tips and hints for you:

Bring a resume or jot down a few points about where you have worked, either paid or unpaid, and what you did there.

Bring your position description and any performance appraisals you have from any project and management roles you have worked in.

Collect any certificates from in-house training or formal training you have done in the past.

Are you in a workplace that is supporting your goals to get qualified? Would you feel comfortable to have the assessor contact your workplace or previous workplaces so your skills can be validated?

You can speak with us about other ways you can show your skills in the leadership and management.

Think about who can confirm your skill level.


Are qualifications achieved through RPL similar / same to those achieved through training?

Yes. Under the National Skills Framework it does not matter how the qualification was obtained.  It is still a nationally recognised qualification.  

Is RPL a long and complicated process?

No. Living Planit provide clear RPL Kit to each learner with detailed instructions. Your assessor and our support team will also be available to answer any questions you may have during your RPL process to assist you complete your RPL in the most efficient way.

What types of evidence are required for RPL?

Evidence for RPL may include conpetency based questions between you and your assessor, workplace evidence and documents, third-party statements, your previous qualifications or certificates, etc. 

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