How Should I Manage My Time?

Published on September 22, 2020
Written by Living Planit
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This is a question we all ask of ourselves …

I know personally that I feel I can’t really tackle the day without my first cup of coffee. Life as we now know it has definitely changed and as more and more people work from home, we need to motivate and organise our time as best as we can so we can be as productive as we can while still managing a work life balance.

There are benefits to working remotely, one of the main ones is less travel time commuting to and from the office and using that extra time to get straight into work. As easy as this sounds, motivating yourself to get ‘straight into work’ can actually be quite challenging… look around you, your home is filled with so many distractions not to mention the constant stream of emails, messages and phone call.  To resist these distractions, we need to try to be disciplined and organised in our daily work routine, again, easier said than done.

Use a To-do List

One of the daily tasks that gives me a great amount of joy each morning is the ritual of writing a To Do List. I love the feeling of writing each task on my list and even more so ticking off said task at the end of each day. I feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in knowing that I have achieved my goals for the day. There are some days that tasks need to be carried over to the next, but again, using my To-Do List helps me organise my day and clearly see what has been completed and what task is still pending for further action and follow up.

Structure your day

Another method that helps me with organising my time amongst the distractions of remote working is to structure my day. When I allocate a certain amount of time spent on particular tasks such as reading and replying to emails or messages, I find that I’m a lot more efficient in completing my work and end up having quite a productive day.

Setup a workspace

Setting up an office or workspace away from the living room or kitchen also assists in staying focused and keeping on track! Being removed away from distractions helps me focus on the task at hand and leads me to achieving my goals.

Me time

The best thing about managing my time is that when I assign time to my work tasks, I also ensure that I assign time to having some me time, taking a lunch break and walking away from my desk for a few minutes is vital for my wellbeing. Just as you would in an office environment, applying the same principles while working at home are crucial for your mental health and for achieving a work life balance.

Above all, if you are really struggling with time management whilst working at home, a training course covering the topic might be the right answer for you. Living Planit Project Management courses, dedicate a whole unit to Time Management within their Project Management Diploma course. This will not only teach you the fundamentals of time management but will also provide you with a certification in Project Management that can be used across all different careers and industries.


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