strengthen your business with vocational education and training

As an Australian Registered Training Organisation (RTO), Living Planit provides Vocational Education and Training (VET) that helps people with the workplace skills and technical knowledge they need to meet current and future employment demands.

VET is skill-based education and training, it is designed to support NSW’s economic, regional and community development. The speed, value and skills VET provides help workers take a faster, more cost-effective route to completing a qualification and entering or progressing in the workforce. VET is now more relevant than ever when it comes to making NSW businesses globally competitive.

Upskill Your Existing Staff

Motivate and inspire your employees, increase staff loyalty, decrease staff turnover, and promote from within.

VET can help you get the best out of your employees by equipping them with industry-relevant qualifications and keeping them up-to-date with new technologies and best practices.

Providing recognised training for your employees shows them that you value them enough to invest in their individual development. They’ll be more committed to your business as a result.

VET also promotes the initiative. Employees who can work without supervision are more efficient and productive.

Research has also found a connection between VET and increased customer satisfaction—more efficient staff serve customers more effectively.

Tailored Training For Your Business

Our Skillset Program can help keep your staff up-to-date. It can also assist staff to develop the skills they need to transition into new roles. It is a short training program made up of a skill set or units of competency selected from nationally recognised training package qualifications. Training can be targeted to your needs and the learners only have to complete the modules they need to get the required skills. Training under this program is fully subsidised.

Develop New Trainees

Employ new staff who will learn on the job your way.

Recruiting a trainee provides you with a worker who is keen to learn and who can be trained in the targeted skills your business needs, now and in the future.

In today’s job market, many applicants consider training opportunities a key reason for choosing an employer.

How Can We Help You

We can identify training opportunities to enhance the skills of your workforce. We may be able to combine units from various courses to create a new program or customise programs so they meet your business’s precise requirements. Either way, your staff will receive nationally recognised training.

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Living Planit is a proud member of AIPM and GAPPS, meaning our courses meet the standards of project management industry



As a registered Training organisation (RTO 40552), Living Planit provides nationally recognised part and full qualifications



As a NSW Smart and Skilled training provider, Living Planit provides government-funded training programs to individuals and corporations